Ultimate Guide To Use Instagram Stories For Business


What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram is a social platform which allows you to share the images, videos. Instagram has many tools and features and one of the most famous features are adding stories and adding your latest status through photos and videos. Instagram do not save these stories permanently and delete them after some time. Learn How to Use Instagram Stories For Business.

What is Instagram Stories
What is Instagram Stories?

Do you want to use Instagram stories for business?

Yes, it is very beneficial to use them to increase your business. You can add a collection of pictures and some short slideshows and you can overlay them with graphics and emojis. If you are a starter then you can see the Best Brand Instagram Stories. Just look at the examples that How brands are using Instagram stories. Here are some of the ways to use Instagram stories for your business.

Ways to use Instagram stories for your business?
Do you want to use Instagram stories for your business?
  • Show your followers the story behind the scene: – People find this really interesting when they got to see the reality behind the curtains. So all your stories that show the behind the scenes things will attract your customers really fast. It can be how your factory manufactures the products, how the special dish cooked and served in your restaurant or how you train your clients in the gym. You can easily get people attracted towards your business with this trick.
  • Trailer for your new products: – Are you going to launch a new product. You should promote this product before the main launch. Release a small teaser of the product and Schedule Instagram Posts. This teaser will be temporarily added to your stories. This will prove as a marketing trick for your business.
  • Make your main Event Live:Best Instagram Story Ideas allow you to post live events also. So you can get your audience by sharing your main events live. Sharing live videos are the most in trend now. Share the live video of your seminars and event on Instagram stories and brands to grow your business.
How brands are using Instagram stories
How brands are using Instagram stories
  • Show Off your goods and stuff: – You need to add latest images of your products or whatever your business is all about. Click some really good pictures and upload them to your story. Keep updating the latest pictures of your stuff and likewise Use Instagram Stories For Business.
  • Be original: – Whatever story you are going to add should be original. Do not upload any animated or fake image in your Instagram story as it could be a negative impact on your business. So effectively Use Instagram Stories For Business.
  • Share some interesting real action: – Share the videos of the process of your business. Share some interesting videos that show the manufacturing process of your goods. Share such videos in which end user is interacting and giving the positive review of your business.
Instagram stories Marketing
Instagram stories Marketing

Instagram stories Marketing give you a new way to grow your business. Make your followers interested in your business. By sharing the pictures and videos will attract the end user and they will try your product if they will get impressed by your stories. Do not give a long gap in updating the stories and keep sharing your stories regularly. This will not only provide growth to your business but also make a strong and reliable relationship between your business organization and your customers.


  1. I think this is the best idea for a business.

    I personally never used the Instagram story feature and had only used it on Snapchat. I actually love Instagram, but none of my friends post stories on it. They all use Snapchat stories.


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