An Integrated Paid Search and SEO Strategy for Website


Paid SEO Strategy in 2017

Owning a website involves a lot of things after designing and development. You need to take care of the ranking of your site and SEO and PPC integration tricks will help you to do this. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves a number of tricks that will help your site to come up on the top searches in Google and making Marketing Strategy for Online Business.

SEO and PPC integration
SEO and PPC integration

SEO is basically digital marketing that promotes your website through different platforms and brings traffic to your site by using SEO and PPC integration. Search engines use some algorithms to present the result of any search. Your site must satisfy the conditions of the algorithm so that they can be visible in top links in Google results.

These are two kinds of SEO strategies one that includes free tricks and the other one includes some paid strategies. Paid SEO consist of those optimization tricks that need some payment to apply for making a PPC strategy for ecommerce. You might be thinking that why we need to use paid SEO when we can use free SEO tricks so here is the answer.

Reason why we need to use paid SEO

  • To face competitive keywords: – When it is really difficult to beat the competitive keywords paid SEO strategies will surely helpful for this situation.
  • Need heavy traffic but in less time: – Free SEO tricks takes quite long time to work. In case you want a lot of traffic on your page in the short time than paid SEO strategies are the boon for you.
  • For better promotions: – If you want to promote your website really well and with the entire standard than paid SEO strategies are must follow. Experts tell that top 5 keywords are really important
SEO and PPC integration
SEO and PPC integration

Here are some paid SEO Strategies you must follow in 2017

  • PPC (Pay Per Click): – PPC is the most used paid SEO trick. In this, the person who is willing to advertise his brand needs to paid search and SEO integration every time his ad gets click by any user. This is the most basic way to bring traffic to the site. It does not use for earning but it is used to bring maximum visitors to the site by making SEO and PPC strategy. Search engine advertising is one of the ways of PPC.
  • Google Adwords: – This is the PPC advertising system. In this user bids on the keywords and again pay for each click. Whenever a search is done, Google chooses a bid winner from the pool of ads and show it to the user. This choice depends on keywords and ad campaigns, quality of keywords, the size of the keyword.

When your site is not particularly designed for SEO and does not require regular updates of content than paid SEO strategies would be the great help in ranking up your website. Paid SEO tricks can easily dominate the searches and bring more traffic to your site. You can easily reach your targeted audience and convince them to visit your site. Paid SEO tricks are just like an investment that will surely give outstanding result in terms of promoting your website.


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