Introduction of C Programming Language


C Programming is one oldest programming language which has been introduced in the year 1988. At the time of introducing, it was written for the UNIX based operating system. C programming has mainly come from the B language. The Much popular software has been written in C which is a Linux OS, PHP and the MySQL.

Uses of C Programming Language

C Programming

C Programming used in developing the system application which is the Database System, Compilers and Assemblers, Language Interpreters, Operating Systems, Word Processors and the Network Drivers. C Language mainly popular as it is one of the old programming languages. It is one of the best programming languages which human can learn easily and quickly. The C Language is very much reliable, simple as well as easy to use. It is a structured language which is e.  The entire modern programming language concept mainly based on the C Language. C Language programming is very much easy and this can be compiled on all the computer platforms. Because of its popularity, C Languages are mainly added in all the engineering courses.

Popularity Reason of C Programming

The special feature of the C Language Programming is that it is a robust language which is able to set built-in functions and the operators. The program is written in the C Language is very much efficient and also very fast which is a highly portable language. When a programmer uses it to write the program in C it can be run on another machine also with just a minor modification. C Program Language is based on the collection of the C library. Function and programmer can able to create their own function. People can add their own created function in C library very easily and which is effective and extensible.

Features of C Programming Language

C Programming

C Language has a very good advantage which is the building block for the other programming languages. Programming in C is highly portable and the programmer can able to build several standard functions using the C Language. C Language programming is one of the best languages which contains the collection of the C Library functions. The programmer can easily add their own function in the C Library very easily.

Drawbacks of C Language Programming

All Programming Languages have the disadvantage in it so this language has same. C Programming Language does not provide any opportunity for Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts. Programmers don’t get any concept of the Namespace in C Programming. While doing programming programmer don’t get encapsulation function in C language. C language doesn’t support Constructor as well as Destructor at the time of Programming in C Language.

Founder of C Language

C Programming

As we already discussed above how C Programming Language has come and what are its advantages and disadvantage. C Programming Language was developed and written by Dennis M. Ritchie in the year of 1972. He is the founder of C Language. C language is an imperative language which is specially designed to compile in a straightforward way.  It generally helps programmers to compile the programming with very little memory.

Extra feature in c programming

C Language has very good features which are like it contains standard input and the output library. It also has the long integer data type as well as the unsigned integer data type. Compound assignments operators also include in it. C Language commonly evolved and the new version of C evaluated with added features in it which is C++.

Learning of  C Language programming is very much easy. A user just has to install the C compiler on their computer for practicing the C Language programming. People can able to find the C as well as C++ both the compiler in a single integrated package only.

Compiler in c Language Programming

The compiler in the programming is very much important which is able to transform the programming languages source to the binary code language which is easily readable through the machine. The compiler in C is the software application program which is able to transfer the C program code to the machine-readable code.

This transformation helps the programmer so that they are able to transform the human-readable language to the machine language. When a human-readable language is transferred into the machine level that it is called as the compilation.

You can use the Turbo C compiler for compelling the human-readable language to machine level language.  If you want to compile your C programming in the UNIX and Linux then it is important to have gcc compiler installed in it. For compelling the C program in MAC it is important to have Xcode development environment in it, which can be installed on the Apple’s website only.


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