Top Account Based Marketing Trends and Strategies of 2017

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Account based marketing is a business marketing approach. in Account Based Marketing Strategies This approach is based on Account Awareness. This strategy involves the communication with the individual customer from their respective concern. Account-based marketing takes the industry, product/solution or channel all three together.

Since we are in 2017 it is the time to review the trends of marketing strategies. If you review the Top Marketing Trend in starting that would be a great impact on next year planning. So you need to be aware of this account based marketing strategy. Here are some trends in 2017in account based marketing.

Account Based Marketing Strategies

Crucial Traction Among Executive Leadership

More than 70 percent of business to business marketing companies are now started driving account based marketing programs. Programs which was only 20 percent in 2015. Account based marketing strategy needs restoring the sales and marketing and needs to be the single cohesive unit with shared objectives. ABM Strategy make executive leadership really strong

Content Marketing

 Content marketing has been used as the main strategy for the last many years. But for last few years inbound marketing is gaining more attention. Content marketing got some feedback that it should be considered as one of the important factors in marketing.

Account Based Marketing Strategies

Channel Integration

This was an old thinking to be focused on just one single channel for digital marketing. But the Integration of Digital Marketing channel is the new trend to do the marketing. Channel integration is useful in re-marketing in Google AdWords. This is an old option and available for last many years.

Sequence and Personalized Content

You can go for personalized content which will be helpful in delivering a better contextual experience. This leads to some better decisions. A company should take care of the content especially of the Front Page like the main hero image, main headings, and many other things. To keep your account base marketing strategy smooth you need to take care of the content.

Get Accounts Influenced

 Use your data really well in to discover and make priorities. This will help to find new opportunities within known accounts.

Build a Foundation of Connected Customer Data

 Marketing can Control Customer Data. Whereas sales control all other parts. Try to locate and then connect the customer data. This will give you a view of customers. Look carefully the feedback of the customer and analyze the data really well in order to go for better decisions.

Shift to A Cooperative Approach

Being a single approach is not as effective as an integrated approach can be. This can be really successful as compared to an independent approach. So you must think about the collaboration besides of being the individual.

Account based marketing works on the principle that organization takes individual prospect or customer account. Account Based Marketing Strategy involves B2B lead management and B2B relationship management both. It engages the accounts and a single person in all the stages. It has become a hot topic in marketing fields for the last few years.

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