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Why Google Always Prefer Aged Domains in SEO Ranking?

Why Google Always Prefer Aged Domains in SEO Ranking?
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Domain age no doubt one of the factor to rank a keyword or a website, you would have seen old domain performing better compared to the new ones. Are domain of a website or domain age is important for Search Engine Optimization and if it is important, then what is the algorithm behind this?

The answer to the question is yes. Domain age is the important SEO factor for search engines ranking. And to perform better, you should be old at least 6 months to one year.

Among the dozens of the other ranking factor determining the search engines results domain age is the one, you can say, the domain has been around there.

I am not saying, domain age is the only factor or the content and other factors are not important. If the two websites, one is old and other is younger compared to the other.  But the new website got a great interface, have up to the marked content. And add values in the lives of the users. To whom Google will rank?  Of course the new one. This is providing great content for the users and putting values.

Now, if both the sites got equally great content, and about all the factors are equally the same, but the domain age of one website is older than the second one, to whom Google will rank?

Search Engine Optimization
Why Google Always Prefer Aged Domains in SEO Ranking?
And now the question is, why does that happen, Google love old domains?

The answer is pretty simple, old domains have created impactful results. And it has created trust and value, users know the websites. And to search something to read some content regarding specific niche, they come directly to that website, and Google does know about this.

For Google and most of the search engines, the user experience is the most important factor. Google put weight on those websites which are providing great user experience, in the shape of content, interface, and navigation.

Search Engine Optimization
Why Google Always Prefer Aged Domains in SEO Ranking?
Though there is still an open debate about exactly how important is the age of domain ranking?

After testing and experience, the experts had painted a very clear image older domain competes for ranking a little bit better.

Even Google found it important to put weight on the debate. But still, they had not revealed much about it and holding the cards close to their chest.

According to Google’s Mat cuts

Domain age is one of the factors to ranking a website, and it is included as part of SEO

New websites are devalued in the first few months of their launching after Google discovers them. And in first few months it is extremely difficult to compete for ranking due to the domain age factor

Search Engine Optimization
Why Google Always Prefer Aged Domains in SEO Ranking?

Difference between a domain that is 6 months old and other is 12 months old is very small and unnoticeable.

But with all other things in SEO world, domain age is the one factor. And I want to say, it is not one of the major factors which influence the ranking of a website much. Find out the exact age of a domain with online tool domain age checker.

Older domain will certainly have the little bit of an extra edge in ranking when you will compete with other websites having equal weight as of you.

I just want to conclude my thought on, domain age is a factor. And it is as minimal or minor as not to matter this, once your site has been around there for few months.

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  • What’s the most important ? Extension or domain age ?

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