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Efficiently managing a franchise business requires you to put a lot of brains in it. You need to get involved in major decision makings and plan it out entirely. Now this doesn’t really give you the freedom of getting too much into the operations part. Isn’t it? Hence it is extremely important to find the best possible franchise operation software that is perfectly suited to your business needs, for you to become successful. 

We know you have a lot of options to choose from. But making the right choice can be quite a task. We are here to guide you with the pricings and features of some of the best franchise operation software, so that you can compare and choose exactly the software you need.

  1. Naranga

URL: https://naranga.com/

Details: Are you planning to expand your franchise in yet another location? Now that is a lot of work. This franchise operation software can save you a lot of time by streamlining and automating the entire schedule of repetitive tasks and helping you track the progress. 

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on location. For further information you can inquire on their site.

  • BrandWide

URL: https://meetbrandwide.com/

Details: A franchise business has too many operations to be handled, starting from inventory management to marketing. Can you really manage your business well if you use different software for different functions? BrandWide is a one-stop solution for all your business efforts. It has a lot of customizable options that can fit into your franchise needs and help you to have an overall view of your business growth and performance. It is a complete package that will improve your franchisee engagement, communications and brand management.

If you’re looking for a super-efficient customer service and quality software features, then BrandWide is the perfect solution for you without any layback!

Pricing: You can get a free demo. To know more about the pricing, you can contact them on their email or website.

  • FranConnect

URL: https://www.franconnect.com/

Details: This software can help you reach your business goals by managing the quality of your franchise performance, helping your sales team generate more leads and handling your marketing campaigns. It provides you with better chances of collaboration, project management and quick issue resolvent.

Pricing: It has a free trial option. Contact them for more details.

  • NetSuite

URL: https://www.netsuite.com/portal/in/home.shtml

Details: This franchise operations software can help you scale up your business, generate new models and provide you with detailed analytics.

Pricing: The access cost can extend up to $99/month

  • Vonigo

URL: https://www.vonigo.com/

Details: This software can optimize your business operations and give you detailed insights into the customer data. You can keep track of your delivery process and manage all your payments.

Pricing: The subscription fee is $98 per month

  • WayweDo

URL: https://www.waywedo.com/

Details: This franchise operations software can increase the efficiency of your franchise operations by ensuring a consistent process of delivery of your products and services. This can lower your costs, improve customer satisfaction and generate greater revenue.

Pricing: It starts from $25.00 per month

  • Qebot

URL: https://www.qebot.com/

Details: This software can manage all your franchise functions through a single centralized platform. It can provide detail insights into analytics and reduce the cost of technology.

Pricing: It starts from $15.00 per month

  • Franchise Blast

URL: https://www.franchiseblast.com/

Details: It is a comprehensive franchise management software that can provide you with complete solutions starting from finance to marketing to sales. Your entire business process can get standardized with the help of this software.

Pricing: The subscription fee is $20 per month.

  • Owl Ops

URL: https://www.owlops.com/

Details: In a franchise business ensuring that all the operations occur smoothly without any breakage point is difficult. This franchise operations software will notify you regarding all the activities, schedule tasks and reminders so that no task is left out.

Pricing: It starts at $20.00 per month

  1. Jolt

URL: https://www.jolt.com/

Details: This franchise software can manage your employee performance, make your business operations faster and automate all your tasks.

Pricing: It starts at $89.90 per month

Its your turn to choose the best

So, now you can easily compare between the available options and select what is best for your budgets. Compare which features exactly your franchise business requires and choose accordingly.


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