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Having the ambition to make real differentiation into the lives of elderly Australians then this  Certificate lV in aging support qualified course will help to gain the skills according to the requirement during their career development to facilitate their employment of aged people. We ensure providence to people with dementia to recognize a healthy body system supporting family, relationships including career serving them with individual support. The modules of training also focus on managing legal and ethical compliance also with following safe work practices for clientele care by fetching practical skills and knowledge considering possessive career options such as care supervisors, team leaders, community program coordinators, or high-performing personal care assistance. The candidate is thus required to complete a total of 120 hours of industrial placement over the courts of studies with serving valid working hours with children check and satisfying commencement.

This course offers an exciting mix of learning activities ensuring equipped skills with knowledge and experience required to launch straight role within aged care interacting with virtual, 3d healthcare work environment and respond to stimulate workplace scenarios prepared to work within that structure. This flexible online course allows us to study at our own place with support from teachers, students engagement officers every step of the way alongside freedom of allowance of other commitments.

Certificate lV in aging support reflects the role of support workers completing specialized tasks and functions in aged services along with free online courses in residential, hospital, or community-based environments are required to take up the responsibilities for their own work within defined organization guidelines at Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Maintenance of qualified services and delivery throughout the development facilitates the review of individualized service planning and results. Workers are henceforth needed to demonstrate leadership and responsibilities for other team members. The different modules in this certified course of Certificate lV in aging support are structured for the providence of a balanced program theoretically and practically relevant to career opportunities across the aged care industry. 

In this Certificate lV in aging support learning to stand in support of older people with skill and dignity constructed in consultation to increase career optimism in aged and community care for the interest, rights, and empowerment of clients acknowledging their experience with complex needs working with the groups of age people.

Certificate lV in aging support includes training like:-

Palliative and dementia care.

Prevention and intervention for clientele at risk factor.

Service with planning and accurate delivery.

Care of health and hygiene.

Participating in work placement.

The practice of industrial experience.

On-the-job confidence.

Development of communication skills and languages.

Maintenance of relationships along with partnership.

Challenging and rewarding.

Practical qualification and experience.

Melbourne, Victoria Australia’s on-demanding sector with an aging population with many opportunities for career growth. Employment to growth striving over the upcoming years having skills and knowledge providing individuals as well as groups of people searching for employment in a range of community, health care, and residential facilities. Along with this qualification promoted to supervise a limited number of other workers.

Certificate lV in aging support includes potential job titles like:-

Home care assistance.

Community care worker.

Personal attendant.

Residential caretaker.

Care team leader and supervisor.

The nationally accredited Certificate lV in aging support enables us to differentiate the lives of other people and lead from the fonts. Gaining a deep working knowledge, uncover personal leadership styles and concepts according to the job experience in the high-demand industry or sector. The Certificate lV in aging support is our next formal qualification.

The course modules are as follows:-

Working at health and community services.

Managing legal, ethical and safe work.

Health body system.

Supporting with independence.

Aging support.

Home and community support.

Individual service planning.

Supporting older people and risk.

Development of attributes that can lead us ahead:-

Empathy with patience.

Great organization and time management.

Ability to effectively manage and resolve conflict.

After the completion of this Certificate lV in aging support course, it will fetch us with:-

  1. A nationally recognized qualification with free online courses at certificate iv level.
  2. A pathway to a rewarding career or further study to the citizens of Melbourne, Victoria Australia. 

Career opportunities availability:-

Aged care team leader.

Home care support worker.

Community care worker.

Aged care worker.

Home care planner.

Direct care worker.


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